The forbidden sea by Sheila A. Nielson

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forbidden sea

Beneath the waves lies a terrible beauty …. When Adrianne comes face to face with the mermaid of Windwaithe island, she is convinced that it means harm.  After all, the island is steeped in stories of mermaids’ curses and the ill-luck that they bring.

But it is not this beautiful, wild creature that Adrianne needs to fear.  It is the islanders, who believe that she should be sacrificced to the sea to appease the mermaid – otherwise they will all be cursed.  

Everybody she has ever known seems to be against her, even the boy she loves.  Somehow Adrianne must fight their ignorant superstition.  For if she fails, the islanders could be doomed.


Ink heart by Cornella Funke

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International bookseller

Talon by Julie Kagawa

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“There are a dozen ‘st. george’ soldiers hiding in that maze” my trainer said.  “All hunting you.  All looking to kill you…..

Welcome to phase two of your training, Hatchling.”

The blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

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Heroes of Olympus series.

Epic heroes.

Legendary adventures.

Seven Heroic Demigods, One final quest.

The greatest sacrifice yet.

Red queen by Victoria Aveyard

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This is a world divided by blood – red or silver.

Red are commoners, ruled by a Silver elite in possession of god-like superpowers.

This is a game of betrayal and lies, Mare has entered a dangerous dance – Reds against Silvers …. prince against prince, and Mare against her own heart…..

An ember in the ashes by Sabaa Tahir

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In the ashes of a broken world one person can make a difference.

One voice in the dark can be heard

The price of freedom is always high and this time that price might demand everything …. even life itself.

House of secrets by Chris Columbus

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A breakneck, jam-packed, roller coaster of an adventure….

When Brendan, Cordelia and Nell move to Kristoff House they have no idea that they are about to unleash the dark magic locked within….

House of secrets is the first book in a major new series… ITS GOING TO BE EPIC.